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NEWS RELEASE: 2012 Real Raw Milk Campaign Launched

Since Dec 19 pre-launch thru Dec 31 —248 “county agents”, 6500 flyers to be given out, 30 states/200 counties ( since Dec 29– 85 cows, 240 goats, 420 chickens, 40 hogs & pigs,110 rabbits, 5 beehives=200,000 bees, 130 maple trees). Also, 42 farms and dairies are interested in customized/localized flyers (the goat flyers are coming!) so with 5 custom orders in house there is a waiting list.)

Definitely see the new the ARMi Campaign Base http://j.mp/armi2 and the Resource page at http://milk.livingfood.us  . Here is a New Release if you want to spread this around or forward. There is a Facebook share button set up at the Base.—Happy New Year! Mr. Augie and Mrs. Annie


2012 Real Raw Milk Campaign Launched  
MILLERSBURG, OHIO(January 1, 2012)– A no-cost, flyer comparing farm-fresh raw milk with processed, store-bought milk is being offered by the Journal of Natural Food and Health and the Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale (ARMi) to launch their 2012 Real Farm Food Campaign. The education, outreach and marketing campaign is for consumers who need good food facts to make healthy choices for their families and to help food producers with marketing their local dairy and food products. These powerful flyers, for both cow and goat milk, are being handed out at farmer’s markets, stores, food groups, health shows and by health professionals. Give the gift of living food and support your farmer today. Help yourself to these free downloads at the ARMi Campaign Base http://j.mp/armi2


The Constitution and Farm Fresh, Unprocessed Whole Milk

Stealing the milk bottle from a baby and giving her Coke and candy in its place is dangerous to her health.  Don’t take the candy from a government/corporate/academia partnership– and that is a stranger to most people on Main Street.–Augie

RAW Milk and Constitutional rights

The State of Wisconsin vs. raw milk dairy farmer, Max Kane.This video contains essential knowledge on learning how to develop tactics to win the raw milk (i.e. think food in general) legislation debates. 

The State of Wisconsin vs. raw milk dairy farmer, Max Kane.This video contains essential knowledge on learning how to develop tactics to win the raw milk (i.e. think food in general) legislation debates. Michael Noedstrom, Publisher of the DailyPaul 

More info: R A W M I L K P A R T Y . C O M


85 Raw Milk Articles and Videos

I am contributing my 85 articles and videos to ARMi Posts. These are from the Journal of Natural Food and Healing.

In other news, the Georgia ARMi put out a video of a segment of a debate between the two candidates for GA Director of Ag.

There will be a fundraiser for a natural, raw cheese operation in Missouri who has been ordered by the State to destroy 50,000 pounds of cheese for no good reason.

Comic: Extreme Comparison on Farm Food Criminal Enforcement

Being treated like a white stuff cocaine dealer.

Courtesy of NaturalNews.com

ARMi Posts in 50 States, Canada and Worldwide

Below are the 60 ARMi Facebook groups. The Model states are Washington, Utah, Oregon, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin to demonstrate how a state ARM can be active and successful. Since most internet folks are not on Facebook and do not want to be, this ARMi Post (blog) is now available for all those with internet, expaning are reach to more than 1000 percent. In addition, a non-internet connection is under consideration.

Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale (ARMi)

Alabama (AL-ARM)

Alaska (AK-ARM)

Arizona (AZ-ARM)

Arkansas (AR-ARM)

California (CAL-ARM)

Colorado (CO-ARM)

Connecticut (CT-ARM)

Delaware (DE-ARM)

Florida (FL-ARM)

Georgia (GA-ARM)

Hawaii (HI-ARM)

Idaho (ID-ARM)

Illinois (IL-ARM)

Indiana (IN-ARM)

Iowa (IA-ARM)

Kansas (KS-ARM)

Kentucky (KY-ARM)

Louisiana (LA-ARM)

Maine (ME-ARM)

Maryland (MD-ARM)

Massachusetts (MA-ARM)

Michigan (MI-ARM)

Minnesota (MN-ARM)

Mississippi (MS-ARM)

Missouri (MO-ARM)

Montana (MT-ARM)

Nebraska (NE-ARM)

Nevada (NV-ARM)

New Hampshire (NH-ARM)

New Jersey (NJ-ARM)

New Mexico (NM-ARM)

New York (NY-ARM)

North Carolina (NC-ARM)

North Dakota (ND-ARM)

Ohio (OH-ARM)

Oklahoma (OK-ARM)

Oregon (OR-ARM)

Pennsylvania (PA-ARM)

Rhode Island (RI-ARM)

South Carolina (SC-ARM)

South Dakota (SD-ARM)

Tennessee (TN-ARM)

Texas (TX-ARM)

Utah (UT-ARM)

Vermont (VT-ARM)

Virginia (VA-ARM)

Washington (WA-ARM)

West Virgina (WV-ARM)

Wisconsin (WI-ARM)

Wyoming (WY-ARM)

Canada (Canadian ARM)

B.C./Alberta (BC-ARM)

Ontario (ON-ARM)

United Kingdom (UK-ARM)

Australia (AUS-ARM)

New Zealand (NZ-ARM)

Bündnis für Rohmilch (DE-ARM Germany)

L’Alliance Française de Lait Cru (FR-ARM)

Israel (ISR-ARM)