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85 Raw Milk Articles and Videos

I am contributing my 85 articles and videos to ARMi Posts. These are from the Journal of Natural Food and Healing.

In other news, the Georgia ARMi put out a video of a segment of a debate between the two candidates for GA Director of Ag.

There will be a fundraiser for a natural, raw cheese operation in Missouri who has been ordered by the State to destroy 50,000 pounds of cheese for no good reason.


Raw Milk Can Be Dangerous: 10 Tips in Picking Your Raw Dairy

I have delayed posting here, since I was wondering if ARMi Posts was going to really work– besides being swamped with other projects. Well, we have 60 members here with one invitation. There are other exciting options that can be added. We are highly supportive and we have spec’d the Facebook Raw Milk page (7000 members), the Weston A Price Foundation Facebook site and for non-Facebookers (and FBers) the Yahoo list Raw Milk group for instant chatter. Folks, Anji, Annie and I cannot do it all. We need five frequent Guest Bloggers here also– as I cover other areas besides raw milk. This blog is not just raw milk but also family farm food freedom (4-F) Oh, it can be raw milk and real food recipes too! Please comment here. I will give the links to these later or someone can post them.

Now, for tonight’s post over at the Journal of Living Food and Healing, at our new domain at  Also there is a Tip Jar there and a chance to receive a PDF of Living Food at  the iShop (ARMi store) will be opened soon.

ARMi Adopts Twitter Voluntary Standards

More State ARMs are setting up accounts. If you would like one, it is easy and fun. It is a great way to get the message of family farm food freedom and alliances for raw milk out to those looking for connections– both farmers and consumers. You will find like-minded folks to follow and people can follow you.

Here are some examples of new ARM Twitters. These are being used for state-specific raw milk/farm food freedom links/news/info. These are voluntary standards, of course, but you may find this fun and easy once you get the hang of it.

The preferred naming standard is MassRawMilk, MinnRawMilk or OhioRawMilk. Everyone is useing the state ARM logo–so it looks real cool across the internet and gets attention. The best way to focus and make your feed valuable is to post raw milk and food/farm freedom issues specific to your state or surrounding states and the bigger national stories. Of course, it is up to you if you post recipes too!

These will be aggregated into the USARMi feed at to create a live streaming international feed on ARMi Posts ( SEE IT ) and the ARM Internationale web page

This will be in addition to a separate feed Cathy Raymond does

Comment below if you will set one up and let us know so we can include you on the ARM Internationale feed! (It’s working!)

Heidi Stevenson on Pasture-ized Milk–says Join Up with the ARMi

Heidi Stevenson is a writer from Scotland and a member of the UK-ARM. She published an article in Gaia Health yesterday and sent it to me. I like the article because it is a very clear explanation of the difference between clean, natural raw milk and store bought– much of which is termed factory-type dairies. It is a perfect food article to introduce folks to. I think you will agree that most folks are getting skimmed of their dollars going to the milk monopoly. At the end she tells all the global readers to join up with the ARMi and gives the three main links to connect. Meanwhile, I was down in world’s largest settlement of the Amish today and came back with another load of blessings and special encounters. I wanted to barter for some laying hens for a small space on our new publication called Living Foods, but ended up with an offer of raw cheese and veal–but opted for a mental credit toward a quarter of a grass-fed Red Devon steer. I am really happy to now introduce Heidi from Scotland . . . and her latest article.

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