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No-cost “Real Raw Milk” Flyer is Yours: New Milk Marketing Program Launched

The free Real Raw Milk flyer for education, outreach and promoting/marketing real raw milk in your locale is now finally launched. You’re gonna love it!

It was Christmas Day 2009 when I started the now 1100 member Wisconsin Alliance for Raw Milk. This Facebook venture called Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale (ARMi) now reaches all fifty states and 7 other countries. So, I am thrilled to be able to make this available this Christmas Day at no-cost–thanks to all who have taught me so much to make this happen, including all the Journal readers. Print them out!

This new flyer will go along way to market the real raw milk in your local area. It is a strategic weapon for your arsenal in the war against the federal, state and local unified plan to ban this healthy food by 2020. Please be sure to show it to your dairy producer. Anyone can have it customized for their dairy or real food business. Mrs. Annie, my wife said: “This new tool will help start the New Year off right by introducing a lot of people to real dairy and healthy food choices and make real raw milk more accessible to all Americans.”

These are free, printer-ready flyers. In return, we only ask you to complete a one-minute survey. We need to know how you plan on using the flyers and about how many you plan to print out to give, etc.

If  you want to promote this, we want everyone pointed to so they can register and get the full benefits. Use this link for your emails, Facebook, blog posts etc. But there are share buttons below also.


God Bless You and Merry Christmas,
David Michael, M.S., P.E.
Mr. Augie and Mrs. Annie
ARMi, Journal of Natural Food and Health

(There are two versions: one with two biblical references; and one without them)

See the Spy -Counter-spy on the left.



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Drug-Free Milk Labels Now Allowed in Ohio (plus 2 Videos)

For the last couple years in Ohio, it was illegal to label milk as being free of the genetically engineered growth hormone drug rbGH– like companies are now saying HFCS-Free! The pharmaceutical and dairy cartels, in concert with their partners inside Ohio government– did not wish their product to be thought of as dangerous to your health, as it is known to be in Europe. –Augie

Today, Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, made his remarks at the Huffington Post:

ATTENTION SHOPPERS. An appeals court just upheld your right to easily choose drug-free milk from drug-free cows. This is a victory.

rbGH is banned in most other countries and banished from most US dairies, it still lurks behind friendly “All Natural” labels of companies like Breyers Ice Cream.

. . . I propose that dairies use a different disclaimer than that now required by Ohio law. Here’s what I propose:

Ohio governor Strickland and other politicians who cater more to the interests of biotech companies than consumers, require that we state, ‘According to the FDA, there is no significant difference between the milk from cows injected with rbST compared to those not injected.’

Read Smith’s article,  Ohio Court Victory: Bovine Growth Hormone Labeling

You will also want to see Smith’s 4-minute video interview on this topic here at the Journal in  Your Milk on Drugs

While we are at it, see the brief video of Indiana’s 32,000-Cow SuperMax Dairy Factory.

New Non-Facebook ARMi Site is Launched

Many ARMi troops are hungry for a non-Facebook gateway to the ARMi and to raw milk and other farm, fresh living food. This is it.

It so happens that the unreachable non-FB folks are on the internet and probably number 10 times those on Facebook. Then there are those who use email only and the non-computer/no phone folk. Now you have 30 times the people to reach out with the 4-F Project– the mission of Family. Farm. Food. Freedom.

There are other tools being developed. Cards and flyers are coming to drop on the farmers markets. A non-internet paper device is being tested now for the Amish and Plain communities and for those not on the internet– and for those who want a kitchen aid or a super-dooper business card to provide at country stores, farmers markets and food groups. We already have some sponsors, too.

Join Up with the ARMi– be the best you can be. Do subscribe– stay abreast of ARMi developments.

Subscribe to ARMi – Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale


ARMi Penetrates 50 States/7Countries

I have not been posting much lately. I have been working on another project called Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale (ARMi). Currently there are 50 states and 7 countries that have joined the ARMi. Today we are introducing our new logo and website at .

ARMi is a network of state/provincial /country sites where people post relevant news and articles, source of raw milk nearby and legislative, regulatory and enforcement actions. The motto is Family.Farm.Food.Freedom. Yes, it is a 4-F Project. The mission is not just about raw milk; it is about the freedom to choose the foods we deem to be healthy for our families and the right to farm our own property without undue government interference. It is also about making farm fresh, wholesome natural foods more accessible to the consumer and contribute to the fast growing segment of food industry. It is also about education, communication and information exchange to benefit members and food groups. Bottom line, it is about Connections and Resources. Continue reading

ARMi Posts in 50 States, Canada and Worldwide

Below are the 60 ARMi Facebook groups. The Model states are Washington, Utah, Oregon, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin to demonstrate how a state ARM can be active and successful. Since most internet folks are not on Facebook and do not want to be, this ARMi Post (blog) is now available for all those with internet, expaning are reach to more than 1000 percent. In addition, a non-internet connection is under consideration.

Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale (ARMi)

Alabama (AL-ARM)

Alaska (AK-ARM)

Arizona (AZ-ARM)

Arkansas (AR-ARM)

California (CAL-ARM)

Colorado (CO-ARM)

Connecticut (CT-ARM)

Delaware (DE-ARM)

Florida (FL-ARM)

Georgia (GA-ARM)

Hawaii (HI-ARM)

Idaho (ID-ARM)

Illinois (IL-ARM)

Indiana (IN-ARM)

Iowa (IA-ARM)

Kansas (KS-ARM)

Kentucky (KY-ARM)

Louisiana (LA-ARM)

Maine (ME-ARM)

Maryland (MD-ARM)

Massachusetts (MA-ARM)

Michigan (MI-ARM)

Minnesota (MN-ARM)

Mississippi (MS-ARM)

Missouri (MO-ARM)

Montana (MT-ARM)

Nebraska (NE-ARM)

Nevada (NV-ARM)

New Hampshire (NH-ARM)

New Jersey (NJ-ARM)

New Mexico (NM-ARM)

New York (NY-ARM)

North Carolina (NC-ARM)

North Dakota (ND-ARM)

Ohio (OH-ARM)

Oklahoma (OK-ARM)

Oregon (OR-ARM)

Pennsylvania (PA-ARM)

Rhode Island (RI-ARM)

South Carolina (SC-ARM)

South Dakota (SD-ARM)

Tennessee (TN-ARM)

Texas (TX-ARM)

Utah (UT-ARM)

Vermont (VT-ARM)

Virginia (VA-ARM)

Washington (WA-ARM)

West Virgina (WV-ARM)

Wisconsin (WI-ARM)

Wyoming (WY-ARM)

Canada (Canadian ARM)

B.C./Alberta (BC-ARM)

Ontario (ON-ARM)

United Kingdom (UK-ARM)

Australia (AUS-ARM)

New Zealand (NZ-ARM)

Bündnis für Rohmilch (DE-ARM Germany)

L’Alliance Française de Lait Cru (FR-ARM)

Israel (ISR-ARM)