Raw Milk Can Be Dangerous: 10 Tips in Picking Your Raw Dairy

I have delayed posting here, since I was wondering if ARMi Posts was going to really work– besides being swamped with other projects. Well, we have 60 members here with one invitation. There are other exciting options that can be added. We are highly supportive and we have spec’d the Facebook Raw Milk page (7000 members), the Weston A Price Foundation Facebook site and for non-Facebookers (and FBers) the Yahoo list Raw Milk group for instant chatter. Folks, Anji, Annie and I cannot do it all. We need five frequent Guest Bloggers here also– as I cover other areas besides raw milk. This blog is not just raw milk but also family farm food freedom (4-F) Oh, it can be raw milk and real food recipes too! Please comment here. I will give the links to these later or someone can post them.

Now, for tonight’s post over at the Journal of Living Food and Healing, at our new domain at livingfood.us.  Also there is a Tip Jar there and a chance to receive a PDF of Living Food at http://ishop.livingfood.us  the iShop (ARMi store) will be opened soon.


3 responses to “Raw Milk Can Be Dangerous: 10 Tips in Picking Your Raw Dairy

  1. I am a raw dairy producer with a large herd share group. I would welcome rules that exceed grade A and or inspections. I think the raw milk movement is at extreme risk by not doing this.

  2. patrick Chamberlain

    Hello, I have enjoyed ready access to safe clean raw milk in connecticut for several years. Our family is moving to Chicago and I will have to find a reliable source of raw milk there. I am curious to read your thoughts on choosing a raw milk producer but am unable to access the article. Any thoughts?
    Patrick Chamberlain

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