ARMi Posts in 50 States, Canada and Worldwide

Below are the 60 ARMi Facebook groups. The Model states are Washington, Utah, Oregon, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin to demonstrate how a state ARM can be active and successful. Since most internet folks are not on Facebook and do not want to be, this ARMi Post (blog) is now available for all those with internet, expaning are reach to more than 1000 percent. In addition, a non-internet connection is under consideration.

Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale (ARMi)

Alabama (AL-ARM)

Alaska (AK-ARM)

Arizona (AZ-ARM)

Arkansas (AR-ARM)

California (CAL-ARM)

Colorado (CO-ARM)

Connecticut (CT-ARM)

Delaware (DE-ARM)

Florida (FL-ARM)

Georgia (GA-ARM)

Hawaii (HI-ARM)

Idaho (ID-ARM)

Illinois (IL-ARM)

Indiana (IN-ARM)

Iowa (IA-ARM)

Kansas (KS-ARM)

Kentucky (KY-ARM)

Louisiana (LA-ARM)

Maine (ME-ARM)

Maryland (MD-ARM)

Massachusetts (MA-ARM)

Michigan (MI-ARM)

Minnesota (MN-ARM)

Mississippi (MS-ARM)

Missouri (MO-ARM)

Montana (MT-ARM)

Nebraska (NE-ARM)

Nevada (NV-ARM)

New Hampshire (NH-ARM)

New Jersey (NJ-ARM)

New Mexico (NM-ARM)

New York (NY-ARM)

North Carolina (NC-ARM)

North Dakota (ND-ARM)

Ohio (OH-ARM)

Oklahoma (OK-ARM)

Oregon (OR-ARM)

Pennsylvania (PA-ARM)

Rhode Island (RI-ARM)

South Carolina (SC-ARM)

South Dakota (SD-ARM)

Tennessee (TN-ARM)

Texas (TX-ARM)

Utah (UT-ARM)

Vermont (VT-ARM)

Virginia (VA-ARM)

Washington (WA-ARM)

West Virgina (WV-ARM)

Wisconsin (WI-ARM)

Wyoming (WY-ARM)

Canada (Canadian ARM)

B.C./Alberta (BC-ARM)

Ontario (ON-ARM)

United Kingdom (UK-ARM)

Australia (AUS-ARM)

New Zealand (NZ-ARM)

Bündnis für Rohmilch (DE-ARM Germany)

L’Alliance Française de Lait Cru (FR-ARM)

Israel (ISR-ARM)


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