NEWS RELEASE: 2012 Real Raw Milk Campaign Launched

Since Dec 19 pre-launch thru Dec 31 —248 “county agents”, 6500 flyers to be given out, 30 states/200 counties ( since Dec 29– 85 cows, 240 goats, 420 chickens, 40 hogs & pigs,110 rabbits, 5 beehives=200,000 bees, 130 maple trees). Also, 42 farms and dairies are interested in customized/localized flyers (the goat flyers are coming!) so with 5 custom orders in house there is a waiting list.)

Definitely see the new the ARMi Campaign Base and the Resource page at  . Here is a New Release if you want to spread this around or forward. There is a Facebook share button set up at the Base.—Happy New Year! Mr. Augie and Mrs. Annie


2012 Real Raw Milk Campaign Launched  
MILLERSBURG, OHIO(January 1, 2012)– A no-cost, flyer comparing farm-fresh raw milk with processed, store-bought milk is being offered by the Journal of Natural Food and Health and the Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale (ARMi) to launch their 2012 Real Farm Food Campaign. The education, outreach and marketing campaign is for consumers who need good food facts to make healthy choices for their families and to help food producers with marketing their local dairy and food products. These powerful flyers, for both cow and goat milk, are being handed out at farmer’s markets, stores, food groups, health shows and by health professionals. Give the gift of living food and support your farmer today. Help yourself to these free downloads at the ARMi Campaign Base


No-cost “Real Raw Milk” Flyer is Yours: New Milk Marketing Program Launched

The free Real Raw Milk flyer for education, outreach and promoting/marketing real raw milk in your locale is now finally launched. You’re gonna love it!

It was Christmas Day 2009 when I started the now 1100 member Wisconsin Alliance for Raw Milk. This Facebook venture called Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale (ARMi) now reaches all fifty states and 7 other countries. So, I am thrilled to be able to make this available this Christmas Day at no-cost–thanks to all who have taught me so much to make this happen, including all the Journal readers. Print them out!

This new flyer will go along way to market the real raw milk in your local area. It is a strategic weapon for your arsenal in the war against the federal, state and local unified plan to ban this healthy food by 2020. Please be sure to show it to your dairy producer. Anyone can have it customized for their dairy or real food business. Mrs. Annie, my wife said: “This new tool will help start the New Year off right by introducing a lot of people to real dairy and healthy food choices and make real raw milk more accessible to all Americans.”

These are free, printer-ready flyers. In return, we only ask you to complete a one-minute survey. We need to know how you plan on using the flyers and about how many you plan to print out to give, etc.

If  you want to promote this, we want everyone pointed to so they can register and get the full benefits. Use this link for your emails, Facebook, blog posts etc. But there are share buttons below also.


God Bless You and Merry Christmas,
David Michael, M.S., P.E.
Mr. Augie and Mrs. Annie
ARMi, Journal of Natural Food and Health

(There are two versions: one with two biblical references; and one without them)

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The Constitution and Farm Fresh, Unprocessed Whole Milk

Stealing the milk bottle from a baby and giving her Coke and candy in its place is dangerous to her health.  Don’t take the candy from a government/corporate/academia partnership– and that is a stranger to most people on Main Street.–Augie

RAW Milk and Constitutional rights

The State of Wisconsin vs. raw milk dairy farmer, Max Kane.This video contains essential knowledge on learning how to develop tactics to win the raw milk (i.e. think food in general) legislation debates. 

The State of Wisconsin vs. raw milk dairy farmer, Max Kane.This video contains essential knowledge on learning how to develop tactics to win the raw milk (i.e. think food in general) legislation debates. Michael Noedstrom, Publisher of the DailyPaul 

More info: R A W M I L K P A R T Y . C O M


$250,000 Worth of Good Cheese Ordered Destroyed!–But No Illnesses in 30 Years

Family Farm Ordered to Destroy $250,000 Worth of Cheese

by Guest Blogger, ©Doreen Hannes 2010

Morningland Dairy is the latest attempt by the FDA to fulfill the Healthy People 2020 objective to kill raw dairy. Morningland is owned by Joseph and Denise Dixon, who operate the cheese plant and make raw cheese from cows kept right on the property and managed by one of their eldest daughters. They have 12 children, 4 who still live at home, and they have been actively engaged in real food for decades.  They were caught up in the Rawesome Raid dragnet and many believe the questionable California Dept of Food and Agriculture tests on their cheese are the legal justification for the multi-agency guns drawn raid at Rawesome.

Farm’s Perfect Safety Record Matters Not to Authorities

Morningland CalfMorningland Calf and Farmer’s Daughter

In the thirty years of Morningland Dairy operations NO ONE has become ill from consuming their products. Yet they have been ordered by the Missouri Milk Board to destroy ALL of their cheese without actual tests being performed on the cheese stock. This is nearly 50,000 pounds of cheese, or approximately $250,000.

Since the Milk Board and the FDA showed up at Morningland on August 26th, they have been “embargoed” from shipping or making any product. They dumped their milk for nearly six weeks before being approved to send it into homogenized, pasteurized distribution. All the while, they have had to pay the bill to keep the dairy and cheese plant operable.

On September 24th, the Milk Board verbally ordered Morningland to destroy their product. Morningland asked that this order be put in writing. One week later the order was hand delivered to General Manager/owner, Joseph Dixon. The order states that in three business days the Milk Board would contact them with when and how the cheese was to be destroyed.

READ THE REST AT HARTKEISONLINE BUT before you do SUSBSCRIBE to ARMi Posts (upper left).


85 Raw Milk Articles and Videos

I am contributing my 85 articles and videos to ARMi Posts. These are from the Journal of Natural Food and Healing.

In other news, the Georgia ARMi put out a video of a segment of a debate between the two candidates for GA Director of Ag.

There will be a fundraiser for a natural, raw cheese operation in Missouri who has been ordered by the State to destroy 50,000 pounds of cheese for no good reason.

Drug-Free Milk Labels Now Allowed in Ohio (plus 2 Videos)

For the last couple years in Ohio, it was illegal to label milk as being free of the genetically engineered growth hormone drug rbGH– like companies are now saying HFCS-Free! The pharmaceutical and dairy cartels, in concert with their partners inside Ohio government– did not wish their product to be thought of as dangerous to your health, as it is known to be in Europe. –Augie

Today, Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, made his remarks at the Huffington Post:

ATTENTION SHOPPERS. An appeals court just upheld your right to easily choose drug-free milk from drug-free cows. This is a victory.

rbGH is banned in most other countries and banished from most US dairies, it still lurks behind friendly “All Natural” labels of companies like Breyers Ice Cream.

. . . I propose that dairies use a different disclaimer than that now required by Ohio law. Here’s what I propose:

Ohio governor Strickland and other politicians who cater more to the interests of biotech companies than consumers, require that we state, ‘According to the FDA, there is no significant difference between the milk from cows injected with rbST compared to those not injected.’

Read Smith’s article,  Ohio Court Victory: Bovine Growth Hormone Labeling

You will also want to see Smith’s 4-minute video interview on this topic here at the Journal in  Your Milk on Drugs

While we are at it, see the brief video of Indiana’s 32,000-Cow SuperMax Dairy Factory.

Comic: Extreme Comparison on Farm Food Criminal Enforcement

Being treated like a white stuff cocaine dealer.

Courtesy of

Rocky Mountain “Moo” Shine and Raw Milk Temperance

Revered by some as “natures perfect food,” and yet demonized by others as “deadly poison,” milk, one of the most innocuous liquids known to man, is now the subject of possibly the biggest food fight of its kind. Mild mannered farmers coming to words with government agents, food safety attorneys, and irate consumers while “big dairy” farmers manipulate legislators and lobby for legislation that weighs heavily in their favor. So, what’s all the hullaballoo? Continue reading

Raw Milk Can Be Dangerous: 10 Tips in Picking Your Raw Dairy

I have delayed posting here, since I was wondering if ARMi Posts was going to really work– besides being swamped with other projects. Well, we have 60 members here with one invitation. There are other exciting options that can be added. We are highly supportive and we have spec’d the Facebook Raw Milk page (7000 members), the Weston A Price Foundation Facebook site and for non-Facebookers (and FBers) the Yahoo list Raw Milk group for instant chatter. Folks, Anji, Annie and I cannot do it all. We need five frequent Guest Bloggers here also– as I cover other areas besides raw milk. This blog is not just raw milk but also family farm food freedom (4-F) Oh, it can be raw milk and real food recipes too! Please comment here. I will give the links to these later or someone can post them.

Now, for tonight’s post over at the Journal of Living Food and Healing, at our new domain at  Also there is a Tip Jar there and a chance to receive a PDF of Living Food at  the iShop (ARMi store) will be opened soon.

ARMi Adopts Twitter Voluntary Standards

More State ARMs are setting up accounts. If you would like one, it is easy and fun. It is a great way to get the message of family farm food freedom and alliances for raw milk out to those looking for connections– both farmers and consumers. You will find like-minded folks to follow and people can follow you.

Here are some examples of new ARM Twitters. These are being used for state-specific raw milk/farm food freedom links/news/info. These are voluntary standards, of course, but you may find this fun and easy once you get the hang of it.

The preferred naming standard is MassRawMilk, MinnRawMilk or OhioRawMilk. Everyone is useing the state ARM logo–so it looks real cool across the internet and gets attention. The best way to focus and make your feed valuable is to post raw milk and food/farm freedom issues specific to your state or surrounding states and the bigger national stories. Of course, it is up to you if you post recipes too!

These will be aggregated into the USARMi feed at to create a live streaming international feed on ARMi Posts ( SEE IT ) and the ARM Internationale web page

This will be in addition to a separate feed Cathy Raymond does

Comment below if you will set one up and let us know so we can include you on the ARM Internationale feed! (It’s working!)